Whatever your reason for adding or replacing a cover
to your home or business, choosing the right construction system is the first step.  Structural aluminum covers install quickly, are durable, require little maintenance, and can be easily converted to a room enclosure later. Structall Building Systems offers both insulated and non-insulated aluminum covers designed to suit your budget.

The covers we install are attractive. Their continuous textured surface is available in stucco or cedar embossed finishes. These enamel finishes are baked onto the metal surface, making them virtually maintenance-free. These covers are also durable and engineered to last. 

This page includes a gallery of just a few of the projects we have installed.

Give us a call to discuss the design possibilities for your new cover.

Adding a carport protects a vehicle’s paint from the harsh sun and maintains resale value. Choose the carport finish and color combination that blends best with your home.

To prevent patrons from being deterred by inclement weather,  add entrance canopies. This creates both an attractive and functional feature that adds aesthetic value to the building.

With a durable flat pan patio cover, you won’t have to worry about the weather dampening outdoor activities like cookouts, parties or family relaxation.  Our patio cover attaches easily to any structure regardless of the surface finish and makes a beautiful addition to any home.